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Data Migration

Data is the most valuable part of an information system, that is why the most important success criteria of both the implementation and the usage of an IT appplication is the quality of the migrated data (completeness, consistency, accuracy, etc.)

At the implementation of an IT system there is a one-time demand on a huge data migration, when the new system have to be loaded with the existing network data.

Usually, the source information of data migration is available in several places, in various formats, so one of the most important task of data migration is to collect, structure, validate the input data and eliminate inconsistency of those.

This process needs to be completed in a relatively short time involving skilled extra human resources and special technical tools, but without disturbing the execution of daily work.

Realising the importance of data quality of the information systems FlexiTon has built up its own data migration technology, which has been improved continuously during the successfully executed projects.

Today FlexiTon has all the know-how to execute successful data migration projects:

  • fixed and mobile telecommunications expertise
  • thorough knowledge of hardware/software components of information systems
  • human and technical resources according to project needs
  • customisable
    • Data Migration Project Plan
    • Data Migration Technology and Tool Set
    • Data Acceptance Procedure
  • Quality Assurance Manual based on EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System